Dan Robidoux

Additional Information

I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Following graduation from Lincoln Southeast High  I moved to Washington DC and eventually returned to Lincoln to attend the the University of Nebraska.  Following graduation in 1977 from the College of Agriculture, majoring in Food Science I worked in the food industry 33 years and retired in 2010.  Despite carrying the responsibility of a demanding profession I maintained wood carving as my primary interest.

I began wood carving with a Boy Scout merit badge on my way to Eagle Scout. Although I am capable of carving many subjects my primary interest is birds, bison, bears and Native Americans. I also enjoy teaching woodcarving on an individual and small group bases. I encourage all my students to care enough to study the subject, make a clay model, and  pay attention to detail prior to any attempt at carving.  I teach oil painting and maintain the motto of "Carve to paint"  in other words:  Think ahead and don't carve something that is not paintable.  


I am an avid pheasant hunter and have owned and trained many dogs.  My favorite was Little Anne, a French Brittany. At the end of the 2010 hunting season, Little Anne became ill and would not hunt. Upon taking her to the vet I learned she had cancer and I had to put her to rest.   This experience lead me to design the Handmade the American Way, Hunting Dog Urn

Awards and Activities

1983  "Best of Show" Northwest Iowa Woodcarvers

2014 "Best of Show" Kansas City Woodcarver

2014 "Best of Show" Kaw Valley Woodcarvers

2014 "Best of Show "  Mid-American Woodcarvers 

2015 "2nd Best of Show"  Northern Arkansas Woodcarvers

2016 "2nd Best of Show" Kaw Valley Woodcarvers

2016 "Show Chair" KC Elegance in Wood Show

2017 "Show Chair" KC Elegance in Wood Show

2018 "Show Chair" KC Elegance in Wood Show

2019 "Registrar" KC Elegance in Wood Show