Bird carving instruction

"If you want to do what others can't, you need to be willing to learn what others won't."

My instruction is designed for the serious woodcarver who is ready to take the next step.  This is foundational information.  Starting out "right" and knowing the "process" is extremely important in achieving pleasing results with minimal frustration.  My instruction is unique because it focuses on thinking "outside the box" and being willing to share solutions and ideas to problems as they arise.  I teach how to "ride the bike so you can eventually remove the training wheels."  The intent is to teach basic technique, and approach through demonstration and discussion.  Then apply what you have learned by doing.  Students need to come prepared to take notes and ask questions.  When it comes to teaching I hold back nothing. The classes are jam-packed with tips and ideas. I have had my students win blue ribbons, prize monies and Best of Shows.  My classes are limited to three people to allow all students, to get individual attention.  

 YES! beginners are welcome and you will not be left behind!

Yes, I will travel to teach, but costs associated will be added to the price of the instruction.

I carve everyday. All students are welcome to contact me any time for help, assistance or comment. 

These are power carving classes and require specific equipment.  Students are required to purchase their own equipment and to  arrive properly equipped. Please call or email me for details

Material and supplies will be provided

(this includes, wood, eyes, clay, sign foam, brass rod, paint, adhesives, epoxy, wire, square tubing, etc.). 

The class fee, in full, is collected at the time of registration.

 Remember, you can do no better work than your equipment and knowledge will allow.

  Please review the available classes.  


Specialized classes

The Clay Connection


Clay modeling is critical to successful bird carving. Learn the "missing link" , stop buying rough-outs and enjoy carving more!

Releasing the Bird


With a clay model in hand, Learn the correct approach to cutting out and shaping a bird accurately from a clay model

Cosmetic Feet


Metal study feet are "study" feet and not designed for use as structural support of a bird carving

Habitat "Fake it, to make it"


 Habitat must be added to the bird,, not the bird to the habitat.  This is why learning to fake it will make it.



One of the main purposes of learning to stone, and feather is to create a "canvas" for painting.

Painting Its time for an oil change!


Learning to paint with oil paints will expand your capacity to express underling beauty. 

Full Bird Mega Class

Put it all together and Save $600!

This is a class designed for students  who are intentional about learning the whole process of bird carving from start to finish, rather than just an area of interest. 

I will guide you though the entire process from conceptualization in clay to completion.  All information of the  individual classes is included in the Mega Class plus much more.  I will carve my interpretation of  a kestrel with you.  You create your own interpretation of a American Kestrel* and bring your concept into reality.  If there are three students I expect to see three different interpretations of a kestrel.   We will solve problems as they arise and move forward together, learning from each other.  If you are serious about learning to carve birds, the best way and the most cost effective way to learn is  the Mega Class.  If you just need help in specific areas the best way to learn is the specialized classes.

 All materials and supplies will be provide, however each student must have and use their own tools.

Bird of Study: American Kestrel

Expect this class to last over 3 months, we will meet for two hours, weekly, until to project is completed.  We will proceed together and no one will be left behind.  The majority  of work will be done by the student outside of class.  Additional, individual midweek instruction is always available.

Class size:  1-3

Price: $ 1500

Call or email to discuss details and schedule date, time and location.

* Design must be agreed upon by myself and the student. No wings spread, open mouths or prey are permitted.