Painting, It's time for an oil Change

Bring your bird to life!

Prerequisite:   1. Releasing the Bird 

           2. Detailing

I am one of the few bird carving instructors who teach oil painting. I paint exclusively with quality oil paints.   Oil painting gives flexibility because oil paints have a long pallet life.  I can quit, go to lunch or answer the phone and I don't have to mix another batch of paint when I return.  If I make a mistake I can lift the paint off.  Oil painting is the most cost effective way to paint because so little is needed.  I can control the drying time by the addition of additives .  I can paint wet on wet, wet on dry.  I can do multiple washes and let the paint flow to enhance  details.

  Again, I will be painting with you.

Just follow my lead and do as I do.  Believe in yourself!

First, we will begin by using photos to "color map" our bird.  Every color is intentional and planned before any attempt is made at carving.  Color theory will be explained 

Second, we will take our color photo that we used to color map and render it into a black and white photo.  Using the black and white photo we paint the bird entirely in gray scale.  This allows us to locate color patterns, feather groups, and markings that identify an American Kestrel as an American Kestrel. 

Third, after drying. we follow our color map and use it to guide us in adding color to our gray areas, defining your kestrel  in vivid color. 

"Your bird will come to life!" 

This class will involve multiple gatherings and is not a one-day class.  The class is not completed until everyone has completely  painted their American Kestrel.  No matter how many classes it takes no one will be left behind!

When you learn to paint in oil, your carvings will be more realistic and more natural looking.

All paints, additives, thinners will be supplied but students are required to purchase specific paint brushes.

Bird  of Study: American Kestrel

Class Size:  1-3

Price: $350    

Call or email to discuss details and schedule date, time and location.