Releasing the Bird

One of the first questions a carver has is:  How do you accurately transfer the shape of a clay model  onto a block of wood?  Well.... it's simple.   Follow my lead.  I will show you. 

We will begin with a clay model I constructed exclusively for teaching. We begin by properly securing the clay model adjacent to a block of tupelo.  Using calipers and ruler, key points are located from reference lines and the shape is cut out with a band-saw.  Using the clay model, additional key points are located and shaped.  Your bird will begin to be released from the wood.  Remember, all anatomical  mistakes were corrected in the clay model so the resulting  carving will be error free! 

 I will demonstrate how to reinforce  the bill to a nice crisp strong point, properly set eyes, and insert feathers. I will show you how to add mystery by turning and/or tilting the head.

  Opps!  "*&^%$" ya took too much off!  No problem! I'll show you how to correct it.

This is a multiple day class, 

The number and length of classes depend on the skill level and learning capacity of the students,

At the end of this instruction each student will have a carved American Kestrel ready for stoning and feathering. 

Bird of Study:  American Kestrel

Class Size: 1-3

YES! you can take this class even if you have never carved before,  but you must come to class properly equipped.

This is a great class of beginners

Price: $350 per student

Call or email to discuss details and schedule time, date and location.