Cosmetic Feet

Feet construction is a key to success!

Feet is one of the most difficult areas of bird carving.


Feet rule #1

Study feet are study feet! Study feet are not intended for actual use in a bird carving.

Feet rule #2

If feet are intended to be the exclusive support for a bird carving, the carving must be properly modified ( hollowed) in order to reduce "bird wobble."

Feet Rule #3

  When feet are cosmetic. The bird is attached at another location. Feet provide no structural support.  

Feet Rule # 4

Grasping is bird specific and in accordance with anatomy and  dictates of the habitat.  Habitat is added to the feet, not feet to the habitat.

My method of feet construction involves brazing.  Once you understand the principles and anatomy of bird feet you will  take another major step in achieving successful results.  Feet, without a doubt, are a  major point of interest in any bird carving and must be mastered.

This is a one-day class and it will not end until each student has a pair of american kestrel feet constructed from study feet.  

Class Size:  1-3

 All materials will be supplied. Let the magic begin!

Price $350

Call or email to discuss details and schedule date, time  and location