The Angel is in the details

Prerequisite: Releasing the Bird

Leaning to enhance a bird by stoning and burning realistic feathers is critical, giving "texture to the canvas" that you will be painting.  Students will be required to practice on  scrap wood only for a limited time.  The majority of time will be working on  the kestrel carved in "Releasing the Bird." 

I will be detailing my carved kestrel right along with the students Just follow my lead.  Do as I do.   Learn to slow down and take your time. 

Feather groups will be identified and carved into your kestrel.  Soft feathers, not a problem! Delineation of feathers, not a problem!  Just do as I do. Follow my lead.

The is a one-day class.  All materials are supplied but specific equipment and your "detail ready" kestrel carved in "Releasing the bird" is required.

This is a full day class and will not end until every one has a detail American Kestrel ready to paint. 

Class size: 1-3

Bird of Study: American Kestrel

Price: $350

Call or email to discuss details and schedule date, time and location.