Fake it to make it

Habitat is another name for "presentation"

Successful bird carving requires making habitat. This means faking it, not finding it.  Deteriorated natural wood will continue to deteriorate!

 Habitat Rule #1 

 "Never attach a bird carving to deteriorating wood!"

The  primary focus of this instruction is  learning to transform butternut wood into realistic looking drift wood, rotting wood, old branches or stumps and to maneuver what you make to artistically complement your bird. 

 Learn to fake and paint sand, gravel, rocks, leaves, drift, barbed wire.   Using acrylic paint and wood dyes, the color of your bird will dictate the colors incorporated in the habitat. 

 Habitat Rule #2

 "If the color is in the bird it must be found in the habitat."


 Learn composition and be introduced to the Fibonacci Code, the mathematical code of life.

This is  a one-day class.  All materials will be provided but each student must come properly equipped with hand grinder and micro motor with specific bits.  

Dust collector, dust mask and safety glasses are required for each student.


some of the class may be conducted outdoors.

Price: $350 per student

Class Size:  1-3

Call or email to discuss and schedule date, time and location of instruction