The Clay Connection

"If you don't know where you are going, that is exactly where you will end up."

This instruction is centered around conceptualizing what you are planning to carve.   Clay modeling is critical to achieve pleasing results in bird carving.  Beginning with photos and/or  study skins the student will be instructed on proper construction of a clay model.  Sign foam, wire, clay, and study skulls will all come together to create a symphony of the student's concept.  Emphasis will be placed on creating structurally sound and anatomically correct models. Mistakes are worked out and errors are corrected in the clay before proceeding with carving. Creating a clay model that can be carved and painted is critical to success.  Nothing is left to chance.  Presentation (habitat) will be conceptualized in accordance with the Fibonacci Code.  Once the clay model is developed and forethought given to presentation, the clay model will be sealed and secured for carving.  Properly done, the finished clay model can be reused and modified.

Learn by following my lead.  I will make a clay model with the students as part of the class.  I have taught carving for years and the best way to maximize comprehension  is to learn by  example.  Just do what I do.  Follow my lead. 

I hold nothing back.  This class is loaded with tips and ideas!

This is a full  one-day class and it is not ended until everyone has a structurally sound clay model that can be carved.

All materials will be supplied. 

Clay molding tools will be provide. 

Class size:  1-3

Bird of study:  American Kestrel

Price: $350 per student

Call or email to discuss details and schedule Date, Time and Location.